Wow.. Hello Again!

So, yeah, it’s been awhile. I’ve neglected to update this weblog, but I have returned.

Just because I have been a slacker, doesn’t mean Cameron has.

Since the last time we spoke, Cameron has:

  • Illustrated a comic masterpiece, A Joe Story
  • Become a tattoo artist
  • Created copious amounts of drawings
  • Pushed himself to next to next level pieces, such as Jesus Pimp (see below)

I am super busy, but I will highlight all of his art and try to write remarks. But if I don’t write, his art can speak for itself.

Cameron showed me this drawing up close, and this drawing showcases indentations (he texturized them) from his pen, which he says is a “new level.” He is always reaching new levels.

I can’t help, but add that this is a drawing. Amazing! I always have to remind myself that he drew these with his magic hands 🙂


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